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In response to the many fraudulent Hijama Certification programs out there, some charging over one-thousand dollars to attend, we have decided to offer a free Hijama Training Course in April.  The cost is absolutely free but you will need to either bring your own cups or purchase some when you arrive. Students who show promise will be assisted in receiving their ijaaza to practice Hijama from an authorized master.  We are looking for sincere people to learn this important sunnah who do not wish to make a career out of it but who first and foremost wish to help people. We can only accommodate about twenty people. You must pay a reservation fee to attend the class but that fee will be fully returned if you attend as promised. We have to do this to ensure that we do not get people saying they are coming and then not showing up. The reservation fee is $75.00 and will be forfeited if you do not give at least fifteen days notice of cancellation. 

Contact Us and we will send you details.


The optimal days for hijama (cupping) in Shawwal 1436 are Sunday August 2nd. Tuesday August 4th,  and Thursday August 6th corresponding to the 17th, 19th and 21st of Shawwal.  Less optimal would be Monday August 10th corresponding to the 25th lunar day. 


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The book, Hijama vs. Cupping, is an answer to the above dilemma and tries to correct the misconceived notions that hijama is very simple and anyone can perform it. It really has very little to do with the actual ability of  someone to place cups on a person and extract blood. In fact the technical aspects of cupping are very easy to learn, but people ignore the greater blessings coming from an authorized hijama practitioner with a qualified ijaaza and a valid isnad.

We hope you purchase this book before you patronize someone claiming to be offering hijama services and learn more about the importance of having a proper ijaaza to teach or provide services with most anything Islamic.

Tentatively, the next Hijama Session will be offered on August 25th, 27th and 29th at the Broken Earth Dargah.

Hope to see you there.

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We begin every action with Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem, in the name of our Lord, Most Gracious Most Merciful. Why? Because in these words is blessed energy which heals and carries and makes the action valid. Hijama is an ancient art and a very strong tradition of Prophet Muhammad (saws) the beloved of the Divine and messenger sent to the world over 1400 years ago with a message of mercy for all of mankind. This tradition holds many secrets for the health of the human body, mind and spirit. These secrets are hidden, not within the practical application of the treatment, but within the energy that connects all those involved in the process.

Ijaaza is an old almost forgotten apprentice system whereby an aspirant studies under the tutelage of a master artisan who has a connection to the prophetic source of the tradition. The goal of the Hijama Master is to ascertain if a student has the innate calling and the moral aptitude required to be able to get out of the way so that the true healer of all illness can flow through his/her vessel like water through a channel running to its destination.

Book Reviews for Hijama vs Cupping

  • Hijama vs. Cupping, No Ijaaza, No Hijama achieves its objective . . . .     Posted February 15, 2013

    "Hijama vs. Cupping, No Ijaaza, No Hijama achieves its objective in helping to protect this valuable sunnah (example) of Prophet Muhammad by accurately explaining the importance of the Ijaaza system of education that is so vital to preserving any Islamic discipline, including calligraphy and other arts and sciences. More than just a book on hijama, the author delves into some of the major causes of illness today. I highly recommend it for all [persons] [sic] interested in this subject."

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    Where to go for Hijama

    It is not easy finding a legitimate ijaaza hijama practitioner. We recommend you contact http://www.healingheartssufidargah.com


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